Q: How does the day work? 

A: After choosing a day to photograph your property (a good weather day preferably) I will work my way around the property getting all the best angles of each room. I will style and prop each shot where needed.


Q: Do I need to be at the property while the shoot is happening?

A: This is entirely up to you, I can work around the property on my own, but if you wish to be around that is not a problem at all. 



Q: Do I need to supply the props? 

A: Books, wine/wine bottles, and little fillers I will bring to all sessions at no charge.

If you wish for food and flowers these will need to be purchased fresh and there will be an additional charge for this.

Q: Do you photograph any interior? 

A: Yes! I can photograph holiday homes, hotels, guest houses, properties for sale, shops, restaurants/bars, workspaces.. even tents!