Q: When should I book my photoshoot? 

A: I suggest booking a few months before your due date to guarantee a spot. But if your little one is already here do not worry, please give me a call and I can see if I can fit you in.

07788 988992 


Q: When is the best time to photograph my newborn? 

A: Newborns are best photographed up to 5 weeks old. Babies at this age are still very sleepy and easily bundled up. However, if your bundle of joy is older than 5 weeks but is still very small we can make the newborn sets work for you. 


Q: How long is a photographic session? 

A: A photographic session can last between 3 to 5 hours, however, I have no time limit on my shoots as every baby is different and may need more feeding and cuddles during the shoot. 


Q: Do you provide the props? 

A: I Provide all blankets, flowers, and baskets, but I do ask you to bring along different clothing for your baby. Also if you have any ‘special' items you wish to have in the photos please bring them along. 


Q: What happens if my baby will not settle on the day? 

A: As I have no time limit on my photographic sessions there is no rush to get your baby settled on the set, you can take all the time to cuddle and feed until they are ready. 


Q: What happens if my baby soils the props? 

A: Don't worry, accidents happen! 


Q: How do we choose our images. 

A: We will sit down and go through the images together selecting which ones you wish to be edited. This can be done either on the day or we can arrange for you to come back in on another day. 


Q: What is a composite image? 

A: A composite image is the backgrounds that I have made and photographed without a baby on the set. On the day you will pick which background you like and we will photograph your baby just in the basket according to which background you have chosen. You will then pick which image of your baby you would like the be edited onto the background. I do this as the sets are to big to make on the day and for the safety of your baby. 


Q: How is the payment made? 

A: Once the booking has been put in place I will send an invoice for the £50 nonrefundable deposit. After I have edited all the images I will send them via email with an invoice for the remaining balance. 


Q: How do I pick which image I would like for print, and can I add more prints? 

A: Once I have emailed you the images you pick which one(s) you would like for print. If you would like to add more prints just let me know how many you would like, which images, and size of print, I will then send a separate invoice via email. 

Prints can be sent in the post, but I would recommend picking them up as the paper is very delicate. 


Q: Are prints framed?

A: I do not frame prints as I believe a frame completes the image, and this all depends on your style.