My Tutor

Meet the very man who has taught me everything I know about photography, my Dad!

My dad, John, used to be a product photographer in London, doing work for such as Barclays Bank, John Smith Beer, and BMW.

Before I joined the family they decided to move up to the Lake District and opened up a holiday letting company, once again his photography skills came into play where he was able to stage and photograph the properties beautifully.

After they deiced to retire and sell the business I deiced I wanted to pick up the camera, falling in love with pet photography originally my dad changed the game for me by introducing me to studio photography. He showed me how to use a camera, light, and how to build sets.

I feel incredibly lucky to have someone believe in me and help me every step of the way, pushing me to go further and expanding my photography skills, starting with pets, I am now able to photograph newborns, people, and interiors!

I can't thank him enough, if it wasn't for his support I wouldn't be the photographer I am today.

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